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Whether you’re looking for your first mortgage or you need some help adjusting your current one, Rite Mortgages is here to help

We’ve helped hundreds of customers find the right mortgage deal for their needs and our experience, knowledge and access to exclusive lenders means we never struggle to find a suitable deal — regardless of your circumstances.

How can we help you?

First-time buyers

Looking to buy your first home? Our Mortgage brokers can tell you everything you need to know when taking your first steps towards buying a property. Whether it’s working out what you can afford or finding you some of the best deals on the market, we’re here to help.

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Help to Buy

Struggling to get the desired deposit down? Help to buy mortgages are a great way of getting into your dream property sooner. We’ll make sure you get the right rate on your mortgage and can advise you on whether a help to buy mortgage would suit you.

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New Home

Moving from an old property into a new one is something you need to think carefully about. Whether you’re moving to a bigger home or looking to downsize and free up some money, our mortgage advice can help find you the right new property for the right price.

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Remortgaging Advice

If you’re looking to move to a more beneficial mortgage deal, we can help. We’ll look at your current mortgage rate and search the entire market to find you a better deal. We even have access to exclusive rates that you won’t find with other remortgaging companies.

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Self-Employed Mortgages

Being self-employed and finding a suitable deal on your mortgage is a rare thing. Thankfully, we have access to specialist mortgage providers that aren’t on the high street who’ll offer you the deals you’d expect, no matter of the type of career you’re in.

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Bad Credit

Struggled with your finances before? We can help you find the right property, regardless of your financial history. While many mortgage lenders would hesitate, we work with exclusive lenders that specialise in offering great rates to those with a bad credit history.

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Secured Loans

Secured loans are a great way of getting a property if you have a significantly low credit rating, however, the risks involved can be severe if the deal you choose isn’t in your best interests. Our mortgage advisors will ensure that the loan you get is manageable, beneficial and risk-free.

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Interested in Buy to Let mortgages?

Whether you’re looking to keep your home as a source of income while you move to another property, or you’re just looking to expand your portfolio, we can help you find the right deals on your Buy to Let mortgage.

Not sure where to begin? Our mortgage brokers are here to answer your questions. Get in touch with Rite Mortgages today on 0141 339 7050



Buying my first flat couldn’t have been easier… it was really simple.

John & Sue

We had almost given up hope of remortgaging our house because of our age… we now have a mortgage we can afford.


The bank told me that since I’m self employed I couldn’t get a mortgage. You got it in 2 weeks.